How to Return to Running after an Injury
How to buy your next running shoes?
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How to Return to Running after an Injury

Ups and downs are a part of life. A champion is known by his passion he keeps to succeed in every phase of life. Everyone has to encounter bad days in life. Runners are no exception to this rule. They are athletes with great energy and fame. Not every day is a happy and lucky day and like everyone, runners have to face injuries and hurdles. Few injuries may heal quickly but few may last longer. Injuries can be deadly for runners as they can hamper their career as well. These obstacles tend to create a gap between routine practices and hence making it essential to cope with them and return to the tracks again. Here, we share few tips and mantras to heal you up with your injuries. These can be beneficial to help you rebuild your running skills-

  • Take it as a Challenge – Injuries can make you dull and may decrease your confidence. Accept the phase of life you are in and do not try to escape from it. Take it as a challenge and try to accept the fact that you are powerful and confident. Keep yourself happy and take it as your rest period. Do not stress.
  • Meditation and Yoga– Yoga is a stress buster and it can help you regain your lost confidence. Make it a routine to practice yoga every day. Start with meditating, it keeps you away from daily tensions. It will make you feel better and much more enthusiastic.
  • Start with the basic exercises- You are injured and so do not try to over sweat yourself with loads of exercises. You need to start with a slow and basic exercises which will help you regain inner strength. Remember, do not try to overdo exercises; it may increase pain in your injuries too.
  • Socialize– You should not try to hibernate yourself, on the contrary, talk to people. Even if you can’t go out, call your mates at home and spend quality time with them. It is proven to keep you happy, active and feel confident about yourself.
  • Starting with Practice– If you feel that you are set to get back to your practice routines, go out with your running shoes but without your stop watch. You should not try to reach your best time but should only make your body ready for running.
  • Listen to your doctor– Doctors are always right and you should pay attention to what your doctor says. Be careful about your health and do not stress. If your doctor advices you to carry your routine forward, then try it but if not, then do not try to avoid what your doctor said. Apply all the ointments and take all the medications prescribed by the doctor.


You are a sports person and losing hope is not your cup of tea. Few injuries cannot affect your way to success. All you need is to be calm and composed. Remember, focus and dedication are the only feeling which can heal you swiftly. So be positive and rise out the champion in you by bringing out the best.

How to buy your next running shoes?

Buying the best fit running shoes can sometimes be a truly challenging task. When you walk into a store, there is a chance that you get simply carried away by the wide array of beautiful and stylish shoes displayed in front of you. You may make a hasty decision to purchase the best looking pair and may regret this decision later. Here, we have listed a few simple tips that will help you while shopping the next running shoes. Make the correct decision though and your running pace will go through the roof.

Check the Fit

Avoid being lazy while buying your running shoes. You need to know the right size of your feet and buy a pair of running shoes that fit you perfectly. Many people make a mistake of assuming their foot size. This may lead you to a wrong purchase. If you are unsure about your foot size, check it. Make sure, you buy shoes that fit you well from heel to toe. There should be some space to let you slide your feet inside.

Quality Should Be a Priority

We all have just one pair of feet and thus we must not hesitate to invest a bit to keep the feet comfortable. Runners need to ensure that their feet are comfortable in the shoes they buy. Check for the quality of the material used to make the shoes. Ensure that the inner side of the running shoes are well cushioned and comfortable. Do not purchase shoes that create an itchy sensation. It is wise to invest a little more on a quality product than to regret later.

Select the Right Time For Purchase

Your feet keep swelling from morning till nearly 4pm. You must thus schedule your shoe shopping after it has reached the maximum dimension. If you head for shopping in the morning, you may end up buying shoes that do not fit you when you actually wish to run. Time can be a crucial aspect you must keep in mind while buying shoes.

Pick the Right Deals

Most runners do not realise the significance of planning their purchase properly. Buying good running shoes can often turn out to be an expensive affair. If you keep track of the latest deals, you may find some impressive discounts on your favourite pair of shoes. It will prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket.

While most retailers do come up with money saving offers, do not neglect the online deals either. There are several e-retailers and brands that offer splendid seasonal discounts on quality products.

Let the Store Keepers Help You with the Purchase

Very often, store keepers are able to help you with exactly what you are looking for. If you bring your old running shoes along, they will get an idea about your choice. They can show you shoes that would suit your style. You may also provide a few inputs to the storekeeper and let him know exactly what you want.

Spend time, invest money, and check out multiple options before you select your next running shoes.

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